We support customers during the start up of the business, in the management of complex projects, in relations with supervisory authorities, institutions and the media.


We support new entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and managers in the prevention and solution of problems related to the packaging, food, safety at work, marketing, communication, scientific technical divisions.


We develop customized training courses according to the specific needs of small, medium and large companies operating in the packaging, food and cosmetics sectors. Check the category to see all the courses.


Every company has an identity that distinguishes it and differentiates it from its competitors. The identity and the coordinated image are built over time, day after day and make the company immediately recognizable.

We work with passion, professionalism, intellectual honesty, always guaranteeing a technical and human support based on ethical principles and fairness.

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STUDIOZETAPI Via della Vittoria, 98 - 20861 Brugherio (MB) P.Iva 04210370963
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